Patrick Herman, José Bové
Numéro d'écrou 20671 U
Lettres au détenu José Bové (1CD audio)

Detainee Number 20671 U 

It is not every day that a trade unionist is put in prison.


The thousands of letter received in his cell by the detainee Joseph Bové during his imprisonment at Villeneuve-les-Maguelonne in the summer of 2002, the hundreds of demonstrations in France and throughout the world prove that there is enormous sympathy for this combat which forms part of a long line linking the struggles of the past to those of today.


A mix of these letters and of discerning portraits of militants and non-militants coming from a world that shares the ideals of the Confédération Paysanne (the Confederation of Peasant-Farmers), this book aims to portray political and trade unionist commitment and the spirit of resistance in its lineage, in its geographical and social diversity, in its conviviality and in its strength too.


To resist often means to win.



The book has a preface and notes by José Bové and is written by Patrick Herman, a ‘paysan'-journalist and militant trade unionist at the Confederation who works particularly with the Diplomatic Monde and The Ecologist. It is also of course co-written by all those who have put pen to paper during this extraordinary imprisonment of a trade union leader in France.


August 18, 2003
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