François Rouiller


Regis is at the bottom of his class and should be taking Metaquine. This drug has the capacity to change difficult children into model pupils, assures its manufacturer, the multinational Globantis, a world leader in psychotropic drug manufacture. Psychological tests (sponsored by the company, of course) will soon be picking out pupils who could benefit from the treatment. Regis will certainly be one of them.

Curtis, who presides over the future of Metaquine, is in seventh heaven.  Ever since the product started transforming schools into hothouses for geeks, Globantis stock has continued to rise on the stock market. Not only that, but promising new qualities have been found in the active ingredient. There are a few opponents to this optimism, such as Clotilde, who is against the use of psychotropic drugs in schools, or Sophie, a retired neuro-scientist and a tireless campaigner. But what can these idealists do against the might of Globantis? Can they condemn the biased reports and the bragging publicity? It’s a waste of time; the propaganda has become part of everyday life.

If only Regis could count on his family for support. But his mother, Aurelia, hooked on virtual reality games, wears a VR headset night and day. And his step-father, Henri, comes home from work and fantasises about serial killers as he reads grim tabloids.

Regis finds refuge in only one place: in the world of his dreams. Dreams that replace reality with mythical beasts, castles and invisible gaming companions. Dreams that can open doors, change the world, tame monsters, increase awareness. Amenable, cosmic, magical dreams.

Boundless dreams that will soon be destroyed by Metaquine®.

Volume 2, Contra-indicators

7. Contra-indicators

8. Reactions and compatibility

9. Side effects

10. Drug absorption and metabolism

11. In case of overdose

12. Alternatives and comparable brands

March 24, 2016
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