Olivier Paquet
Les machines fantômes

Reminiscent of SF writing by William Gibson and Iain M. Banks (in particular the mind-blowing Inversions), and also of the TV series Person of Interest, Mr Robot and Blacklist.

Since humanity hasn’t been able to create a happier and more just society for all, can a community of artificial intelligences manage it?

Six characters – a trader, a pop singer, a former sniper, a gamer, etc. - they all believe they’ve got the winning hand in the game of life, not realising that they’re trapped within a comfortable illusion where they aren’t the only players in the game.

Plus one. Hans/Joachim, whom they all meet en route. This strange young man, at times charming, but sometimes intimidating, has decided to entrust the destiny of our society to machines. This will force our characters to cooperate and join forces to prevent irreversible damage.


Aurélien Police
August 25, 2022
8,70 €
10,8 x 17,8 cm

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