Olivier Paquet
Le Melkine

Le Melkine (The Melkine) - The whole collection

 “The Melkine was laughter traversing space, the laughter of a happy and welcoming humanity that had crossed the universe.”

Humanity thought the only way forward for the species was to set up in space. Several colonies were therefore established on different planets.

In 2400 of our era, a flotilla of 1643 interstellar ships or vessel-towns ferried the numerous communities that had undergone cultural conditioning, which caused them to forget their past.

When all the ships had finished offloading their passengers from planet to planet, where the first colonies were established, a part of each vessel was taken, from hull to passageway, to contribute to the construction of a new ship¾a symbol of a united flotilla in remembrance of migratory and pre-migratory history: the Melkine. It provides a link between the communities using frequencies¾a necessary tool for cultural conditioning and, thus, peace.

But the Melkine’s frequencies are being interfered with by enemy frequencies: in her vessel, Turandot, the Technoprophet Azuréa created the frequency Banquise, and has continually been intercepting the Melkine. And the war she has declared on the ship puts its ideals for the development of humanity in peril…

A space opera in three acts, with a ship as its hero:

Le Melkine

La Mort du Melkine

L’Esprit du Melkine



“An ambitious yet simple space opera, a story that uses the immensity of the galaxy in order to talk about our own world.

Olivier Paquet manages this with a certain panache and tackles themes as vast as they are contemporary, such as culture and its influence upon us and the way we use it to get what we want.

A trilogy that gets off to a great start.”

Stegg, Psychovision

May 28, 2020
13,50 €
10,8 x 17,8 cm

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