Serge Lehman, Jean-Marie Michaud
La saison de la Coulœuvre 3

In the far distant future, mankind has at its disposal a network of space portals - chutes - enabling the passage from one solar system to another, thereby dominating the Milky Way.

At Intersection 55, things are heating up.

Xtalassar, an armourer relocated to baggage handling, wakes up in a bad mood and his goodbye round in the north hall becomes rather apocalyptic. Will Sheri Jaggar's sudden return after the ritual cremation of her husband be enough to put things right? It's not in the least certain because, in the emotional volcano that the interstellar hub has become, an old vegetable acquaintance experiences a growth resurgence. This is the moment that Chef Mauer chooses, at his own risk, to seduce his voluptuous secretary.

During this time, Diane Bendix and Jarmil the antman go down into the Sector of Mysteries with Rhea and Derec, their regular operators, and the historian Larkam. Neutralising emotions at source by invoking the Picte - a psychic counter-measure that acts like a god: such is the aim of the manoeuvre. But what is waiting for them at the bottom of the Intersection is beyond description. Another world. Other laws of physics.  And a form of perception bordering on lunacy.


We move from plunging depths to soaring heights in this third and last volume of La Saison de la Coulœuvre. Mind-blowing strips with crazy framing and colour, the doubling up of viewpoints, plays on the layout where the reader himself falls into the book and becomes an active power... The limits of the comic strip have perhaps never been pushed so far, nor to this extent has science-fiction been dealt with as the science of fiction.

A unique experience!

September 23, 2010
Grand format
16,50 €
25 x 32 cm

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