Olivier Paquet
La mort du Melkine
Death of the Melkine

The Melkine Trilogy – Book 2

The development of instant communication in space has completely disrupted Expansion.
Frequencies are battling against each other to extend their influence, wiping out cultural conditioning. In this game the Technoprophet reveals herself to be the most ruthless and committed of all the subjugators. Isolated from this conflict the Melkine’s former pupils are looking for somewhere to settle in this world. Theo has returned to Giverne and its mysterious glass trees, dreaming of the moment when he will find the stars, while his wife, Myriam, is trying to maintain a comfortable life for their family. When Ismaël visits them, he is no longer the teenager they once knew, who was expelled from the ship, but now the director of Crepuscule, the only Frequency able to compete with Banquise. Fifteen years have passed, but what remains of vows of friendship and promises? Indifferent to these stakes, the Melkine continues its voyage through space. However, sooner or later, Arthur, Indira and Alexander, like all the other teachers, will have to choose which side they are on, or cease to exist.

The school-­‐ship Melkine has been travelling through the Galaxy for three hundred years. Solitary and esteemed, its positioning algorithm has been kept secret. The war that Azurea, the highly media-­‐conscious director of Banquise, has declared on the Melkine, puts its teaching methods and its ideals for the development of humanity in peril. All the more so as its pupils cannot be indifferent to a message seemingly so close to the one they are taught...

June 20, 2013
Grand format
20,50 €
14 x 20 cm

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