Gilles Servat
"I have been writing short stories for a long time, but never had them published or used them in readings, except for one: Trégor. One night, standing on top of an enormous pink granite boulder, I decided to perform that one to a gathering on Coz Porzh in Trégastel. But that was the only time, marvellous though it was.

Translating L'histoire du Cochon de Mac Dathó (The Tale of Mac Dathó's Pig) from the ancient Irish - a translation published by L'Atalante, incidentally - made me want to tell this story of another age and another world to the public of today. I learnt a lot because story-telling is not like singing, and doing this made me want to continue down this road. So I have reworked these stories, some of which were only at the draught stage, and I started off with the following: GPE, Serge-Thomas-Edgar-Louis-Lucien Achefer and Je suis un Ours (I am a Bear). And then I came across other ones such as Couleurs that aren't suitable for telling on stage. Naturally enough there is a big difference between speaking and writing. Some stories can be spoken and acted out, others not.

So this collection is a combination of both genres; all kinds of stories in which poetry and song blend with the unexpected, philosophy evolves from the absurd and science fiction infuses the popular legends, sometimes even giving them a certain piquancy."

Gilles Servat





November 21, 2014
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