Stéphane Pajot
Anomalie P.

Anomaly P.

30-year-old Tristan Madec is sailing in troubled waters. When he was fifteen, his life was shattered by the death of his twin brother during a fishing trip on the Grand-Lieu Lake. Since then he has started taking various illicit drugs. His dealer, Vanzini, has scored a hit with him with a drug at present in vogue: Batraxil enables you to choose your dreams. Tristan, of course, goes looking for Anton, his brother.

At the beginning of the novel, Tristan, who, thanks to Batraxil, believes he is ready to face his old demons, has replied to an ad from Jean Rostand, the biologist, who is looking for someone to catch polydactyl frogs.  Just when they are on the lake, a young man, at his stag party with his friends, drowns.

In the morning on the same day, a fisherman was killed on the Loire opposite Tristan's house. The drug network, Darknet, had to get rid of this man who no longer wanted to work for them. The killer saw Tristan in his garden and assumed he had seen the murder, so now he has decided to come after him.

What neither the killer nor Tristan knows is that the police are working on breaking up the Darknet network and Tristan's dealer, Vanzini has been bugged...

Then, thanks to his brother that he finds in his dream world and the frogs on the lake, Tristan begins to understand that he can help save Pablo, the drowned man...

Furthermore the frog world is in turmoil. The city of Herbadilia created under the lake on the basis of equality and solidarity between humans and frogs, is being oppressed by a dictatorial frog, Dark Rainette. Dissident amphibians will also take on the challenge of saving the latest man drowned by getting in touch with his fiancé with the help of the Great Elephant and the fabled animals of the Deep Sea Carousel installed on the banks of the Loire in the centre of Nantes.

Meanwhile, like in a game of hide-and-seek, Tristan has managed to escape the clutches of the killer and the police...




September 25, 2014
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