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Johan Heliot

Forban !

]Pirate !] The Caribbean pirate Alexia Dumas’s younger brother Jonas is getting really bored on Turtle Island. He dreams of great adventures, epic combats and treasure, and can’t stand the lessons taught by his father, Aristide, a former lawyer but now [...]


Anne Fakhouri

L'Horloge du temps perdu

[THE CLOCK OF TIME PAST] Theo Fordjman, a lonely, athletic, fourteen-year-old, has two goals this summer: the first is to meet his favourite author, Stan IaIa, and second, to succeed in doing a double back flip on his skateboard.  [...]


Serge Lehman/ Gess

L'homme truqué

[The Phony Man] The success of La Brigade Chimérique has persuaded us to let Serge Lehman and Gess continue their retrospective exploration of the Hyperworld – European science fiction before 1950, a veritable literary and pictorial Atlantis whose gods an [...]


Gilles Servat

Le Monde-aux-jumeaux

Bré is a planet that resembles a Celtic country of legends. Drwidhs foresee the future, kings test each other’s powers and heroes fight fabled beasts. Le Monde-aux-Jumeaux (World-of-Twins) is the direct sequel to the previous books and tells the story [...]


Danielle Martinigol


Cantoria is a world of singers. Cantoria is a world where the only exploitable energy is the human voice. However, all singers are not equal. It is against this inflexibility that Arth, a teenager living in a distant land away from all these people in po [...]

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