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Anne Fakhouri

L'Horloge du temps perdu

[THE CLOCK OF TIME PAST] Theo Fordjman, a lonely, athletic, fourteen-year-old, has two goals this summer: the first is to meet his favourite author, Stan IaIa, and second, to succeed in doing a double back flip on his skateboard.  [...]


Serge Lehman/ Gess

L'homme truqué

[The Phony Man] The success of La Brigade Chimérique has persuaded us to let Serge Lehman and Gess continue their retrospective exploration of the Hyperworld – European science fiction before 1950, a veritable literary and pictorial Atlantis whose gods an [...]


Gilles Servat

Le Monde-aux-jumeaux

Bré is a planet that resembles a Celtic country of legends. Drwidhs foresee the future, kings test each other’s powers and heroes fight fabled beasts. Le Monde-aux-Jumeaux (World-of-Twins) is the direct sequel to the previous books and tells the story [...]


Danielle Martinigol


Cantoria is a world of singers. Cantoria is a world where the only exploitable energy is the human voice. However, all singers are not equal. It is against this inflexibility that Arth, a teenager living in a distant land away from all these people in po [...]


Régis Goddyn

Le sang des 7 Rois - Livre I

[The Blood of the Seven Kings Book 1] In the foothills of the inaccessible chain of the Crêtes Mountains, something unusual happens that changes a man's life. Two young teenagers have been kidnapped. They didn't seem to be very important, but substanti [...]

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