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Stéphane Pajot

Anomalie P.

[Anomaly P.] 30-year-old Tristan Madec is sailing in troubled waters. When he was fifteen, his life was shattered by the death of his twin brother during a fishing trip on the Grand-Lieu Lake. Since then he has started taking various illicit drugs. His d [...]


Olivier Paquet

Bleu argent

[Silver Blue] In a future where the human race has conquered space, each planet possesses a colony whose culture is supposed to last for centuries. But certain young spirits are dissatisfied with this state of affairs… [...]


Jean-Pierre Berthomé

Jacques Demy et les racines du rêve

[Jacques Demy and the Origins of Dreams] When he died in 1990 the director Jacques Demy left behind a unique and unclassifiable body of work whose elegance and apparent lightness only just mask its deeply serious nature. Jacques Demy et les racines du [...]


Régis Goddyn

Le sang des 7 Rois - livre IV

[The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 4] From Gradlyn, Lothar, the General of the Guard, continues to deploy people on the chessboard of a political reorganisation of which he hopes to retain control. What will become of the eight hundred-year-old feudal s [...]


Carina Rozenfeld

La pierre d'Etlal

[The Etlal Stone] Zec, Eden and Louis have finished school and passed their baccalaureate. They have planned to spend two months in the summer on Chébérith, the planet they helped to recreate when they found the three world books. The trip to [...]

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