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Laurence Suhner

L'Ouvreur des Chemins

[The Opener of Pathways] Ambre's curiosity prevails over her common sense. She sets up a scientific expedition to explore the depths of the planet and, convinced that the being hidden away there will allow her to find the past she has forgotten and to h [...]


Alain Grousset

Au nom du fils Gigante

[Gigante - In the Name of the Son] Koeb Merticant, an archaeologist in search of mythic giants whose skeletons were discovered several centuries earlier, wakes up from a 40 year long cryogenic sleep in a star ship between Azadée and Gigante. On arri [...]


Pierre Bordage

Gigante Au nom du père

[Gigante - In the Name of the Father] Young Zaslo Merticant, an ethno-­‐linguist by profession, lands on Gigante, having come from distant Azadée, in search of mythic giants whose skeletons were exhumed by an expedition centuries earlier. A [...]


Régis Goddyn

Le sang des 7 Rois - Livre II

[The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 2] There are two types of men: ordinary men and men with blue blood called resurgents. The blue blood imparts, in various degrees, longevity, strength and exceptional speed, as well as, in some very rare cases, sens [...]


Olivier Paquet

La mort du Melkine

[Death of the Melkine] The development of instant communication in space has completely disrupted Expansion. Frequencies are battling against each other to extend their influence, wiping out cultural conditioning. In this game the Technoprophet reveals  [...]

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