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Carina Rozenfeld

La pierre d'Etlal

[The Etlal Stone] Zec, Eden and Louis have finished school and passed their baccalaureate. They have planned to spend two months in the summer on Chébérith, the planet they helped to recreate when they found the three world books. The trip to [...]


Camille Brissot

Dresseur de fantômes

[Ghost Tamer] For years Théophras Werenfeld and Valentine have travelled the world employed by rich people to look for treasure and hidden wonders; until the day Valentine is poisoned by the mysterious Collector, her best client. Reduced to the state of  [...]


Pierre Bordage

Trilogie des Guerriers du silence

[La Trilogie des Guerriers du Silence] The Naflin Confederation is composed of around a hundred worlds, one of which being the sumptuously sophisticated Syracusa. However,  [...]


Régis Goddyn

Le sang des 7 Rois - Livre III

[The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 3] The military ambassador-captains are about to take power. The nobles seem incapable of controlling them, and only isolated pockets of resistance oppose the plans of Lothar, the General of the Guard. The Guardian [...]


Olivier Paquet

L'esprit du Melkine

[The Spirit of the Melkine] Fifteen years have passed since the end of the Melkine, and nothing has happened as planned. The final battle between the Banquise and Crepuscule frequencies ends in the collapse of the latter. Ismaël seems to be overwhelmed b [...]

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