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Gilles Servat


[Colours] So this collection is a combination of both genres; all kinds of stories in which poetry and song blend with the unexpected, philosophy evolves from the absurd and science fiction infuses the popular legends, sometimes even giving them a certai [...]


Stéphane Pajot

Anomalie P.

[Anomaly P.] 30-year-old Tristan Madec is sailing in troubled waters. When he was fifteen, his life was shattered by the death of his twin brother during a fishing trip on the Grand-Lieu Lake. Since then he has started taking various illicit drugs. His d [...]


Olivier Paquet

Bleu argent

[Silver Blue] In a future where the human race has conquered space, each planet possesses a colony whose culture is supposed to last for centuries. But certain young spirits are dissatisfied with this state of affairs… [...]


Jean-Pierre Berthomé

Jacques Demy et les racines du rêve

[Jacques Demy and the Origins of Dreams] When he died in 1990 the director Jacques Demy left behind a unique and unclassifiable body of work whose elegance and apparent lightness only just mask its deeply serious nature. Jacques Demy et les racines du [...]


Régis Goddyn

Le sang des 7 Rois - livre IV

[The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 4] From Gradlyn, Lothar, the General of the Guard, continues to deploy people on the chessboard of a political reorganisation of which he hopes to retain control. What will become of the eight hundred-year-old feudal s [...]

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