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Roland C. Wagner

Les futurs mystères de Paris - l'intégrale, volume II

[Future Mysteries of Paris, Book 2] Symbols of a society split up into sects and tribes following the original mysterious Great Terror, all the characters of these adventures are initially improbable but inevitably endearing [...]


Carina Rozenfeld

La Pierre de Majilpuûr

[The Majilpuûr stone] Now that Zec, Eden and Louis have found out the importance of the Luet stones, they leave Andorite in order to go to the Isle of Majilpuûr, where another stone is surely hidden. Their mission: they must  [...]


Régis Goddyn

Le sang des 7 Rois - livre V

[The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 5] Orville is adrift with Aldemond in the outer ocean called the ocean of no return, not without reason. They drift further and further towards the outer reaches of the world and discover the strange and desolate cont [...]


Gilles Servat


[Colours] So this collection is a combination of both genres; all kinds of stories in which poetry and song blend with the unexpected, philosophy evolves from the absurd and science fiction infuses the popular legends, sometimes even giving them a certai [...]


Stéphane Pajot

Anomalie P.

[Anomaly P.] 30-year-old Tristan Madec is sailing in troubled waters. When he was fifteen, his life was shattered by the death of his twin brother during a fishing trip on the Grand-Lieu Lake. Since then he has started taking various illicit drugs. His d [...]

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