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Serge Valletti

Pourquoi j'ai jeté ma grand-mère dans le Vieux-Port

[Why I threw my Grandmother into the Vieux-Port] "It needed at least two of us. I've got an excuse because the other one was my father. Her son. “Are you sure, dad?” “Yes, she said to me, ‘I loved this town so much!'” So, one day in August, in the sun, f [...]


Jean-Marc Ligny


[SEEDS]24th century, well after the devastation created by global warming, a road movie that marks the rebirth of humanity. [...]


Olivier Paquet

Structura Maxima

[STRUCTURA MAXIMA] The structure is a breathtakingly dizzy world of girders and levels, where a civilisation, whose origins are lost in the mists of time, has evolved. Now this civilisation has reached its point of rupture. War is brewing between the Ste [...]


Pierre Bordage

Les dames blanches

[White Ladies] One morning in November a strange white bubble fifty metres in diameter is discovered in the Deux-Sèvres countryside. It attracts and captures Leo, a child aged three years five months… His mother, Elodie and the authorities helplessly o [...]


Camille Brissot

Vagabonds des airs

[Vagabonds of the skies] The future of Tom Werenfeld was completely mapped out: second-in-command to Captain Peck, he would inherit the frigate Odorante and sail the ocean seas… But the night before his eighteenth birthday, a sudden impulse drives him to [...]

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