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Olivier Paquet

Structura Maxima

[STRUCTURA MAXIMA] The structure is a breathtakingly dizzy world of girders and levels, where a civilisation, whose origins are lost in the mists of time, has evolved. Now this civilisation has reached its point of rupture. War is brewing between the Ste [...]


Pierre Bordage

Les dames blanches

[White Ladies] One morning in November a strange white bubble fifty metres in diameter is discovered in the Deux-Sèvres countryside. It attracts and captures Leo, a child aged three years five months… His mother, Elodie and the authorities helplessly o [...]


Camille Brissot

Vagabonds des airs

[Vagabonds of the skies] The future of Tom Werenfeld was completely mapped out: second-in-command to Captain Peck, he would inherit the frigate Odorante and sail the ocean seas… But the night before his eighteenth birthday, a sudden impulse drives him to [...]


Nathalie Le Gendre

Mósa Wòsa

[Mósa Wòsa] Motherless and of mixed race, Mósa lives in the Lakota Oasis, but his father, a white man, left to live in a Techno-City before he was even born. When the person who brought him up passes away, Mósa decides he must find his father. So he leav [...]


Laurence Suhner


[Origins] Using one of the militia’s space vessels, Amber and her friends have penetrated the Grand Arc’s defences and landed on board. The scientists are totally amazed. [...]

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