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Jean-Bernard Pouy

54 x 13

“Pedal, friend, the old world is behind you... Little by little the real world will catch up on you bringing suffering, bad luck, worries and real problems...” An extract from the Wegmuller Code [...]


Jean-Bernard Pouy

Le Merle d'Arthur Keelt

It all starts the day the New Masters of the World (viz. a [Arthur Keelt's Blackbird] Russian, an American and an Englishman) visit Arthur Keelt, the celebrated language specialist, practically living the life of a hermit in the Styrian Mountains. [...]


Carina Rozenfeld

La Pierre de Goth

[The Goth Stone] Zec, Eden and Louis have finished school and planned to spend two months in the summer on Chébérith, the planet they helped to recreate when they found the three world books. The trip to this planet was supposed to be calm an [...]


Régis Goddyn

Le sang des 7 Rois - livre VI

[The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 6] Still not really aware of the major challenges endangering their world, the leading characters of the previous volumes follow their own paths... In this penultimate book of the series, the « medieval » story of t [...]


Serge Valletti

Je m'en rappelle - 579 impressions marseillaises

[I REMEMBER IT – 579 IMPRESSIONS OF MARSEILLES] A book of memories in the form of fragments. These are, like Perec's work, bits of everyday life, things which, in such and such a year, everyone of the same age will have seen, experienced and shared  [...]

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