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Jeanne-A Debats


Planet Earth is ecologically depleted, animals are extinct and the air is hardly breathable. The only positive aspect for humanity:  [...]


Laurence Suhner

Le terminateur

In this anthology Laurence Suhner combines several inspirations: space opera, fantastic tale [...]


Vincent Gessler


In the depths of the great forest the ruins of the old world still stand. Only murmured talk remains of that time [...]


Roland C. Wagner

Le chant du cosmos

[The Song of the Cosmos] Three characters in an adventure spanning three decades, in both a space opera and a thriller; a voyage through [...]


Anne Fakhouri

Le Clairvoyage

[The Raven's Promise] Clara, 12-years-old and an only child, notices that she is being followed by a raven. When she understands the message the bird is trying to tell her, it is too late [...]

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