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Carina Rozenfeld

La quête des Livres-Monde

Three books in one. [...]


Pierre Bordage


[In the Name of the Father] Young Zaslo Merticant, an ethno-­linguist by profession, lands on Gigante, having come from distant Azadée, in search of mythic giants whose skeletons were exhumed by an expedition centuries earlier. And, as another obje [...]


Pierre Bordage

La Fraternité du Panca

[THE PANCA BROTHERHOOD] Humanity is in danger and the Panca intend to save it by reforming the five-link chain or pancatvique by connecting the âmnas.  [...]


Nathalie C. Henneberg

La Plaie

Year 3000. A force of unknown origin called “The Darkness” or “The Plague” has taken hold of the Earth to plunge it into suffering, murder and ignominy. Through its agents, the "night-stalkers", its reign extends to the Free Stars. But the Earth itself  [...]


Fabrice Colin

Or not to be

England, 1923. Amleth de Vitus de Saint-Ange, suffering from depression and amnesia, is suddenly  [...]

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