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Carina Rozenfeld

Le Livre des Lieux

[The Book of Places] The Ingurgitator of Worlds is on Earth and has found Zec and Eden, who have meanwhile learnt that [...]


Carina Rozenfeld

Le Livre du Temps

[The Book of Time] The teenagers have been contacted by an unknown Cheberian living in Peru. He is a member of a scientific team who came to Earth before [...]


Serge Lehman/Fabrice Colin/ Gess

La Brigade Chimérique

La Brigade chimérique is more than mere fiction. It is an archaeological leap into the heart of the mutilated imagination of Europe. An attempt to reconstruct what happened [...]


Olivier Paquet

Le Melkine

This novel recounts the fruits of concerted human expansionism 300 years before. The thinking was that this was the only way forward for the species. Men did not flee from an enemy, they pursued their destiny.  [...]


Sylvie Denis

L'Empire du sommeil

The most advanced human civilisation, represented by the GMOs and the Charter, but made weak by the great sleep epidemic, is enduring increasing attacks from the world of the Cartels. At the same time, Irina Mincor, the GMO from the Abondant, has settl [...]

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