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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to our new Foreign Rights Site! Here you can preview all our titles available for foreign language editions.
You can also download our recent rights list in English via the button “Rights List”.

Our various programs are listed under the following categories:
“La dentelle du cygne”  - science-fiction and fantasy,
“Insomniaques et ferroviaires” - thriller and detective novels,
“Romans etc.” - general literature,
“Bibliothèque de la Chamaille” - theatre
and “Comme un accordéon” - non-fiction.
The recent collections “Flambant neuf” for graphic novels and “Le Maedre”, fiction for children and young adults, complete the list.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or our representative in your home country. (links below)
I will be pleased to provide you with additional information or send you some reading copies.

With best wishes,

Annette Werther-Médou

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Pierre Bordage


[In the Name of the Father] Young Zaslo Merticant, an ethno-­linguist by profession, lands on Gigante, having come from distant Azadée, in search of mythic giants whose skeletons were exhumed by an expedition centuries earlier. And, as another obje [...]


Pierre Bordage

La Fraternité du Panca

[THE PANCA BROTHERHOOD] Humanity is in danger and the Panca intend to save it by reforming the five-link chain or pancatvique by connecting the âmnas.  [...]


Fabrice Colin

Or not to be

England, 1923. Amleth de Vitus de Saint-Ange, suffering from depression and amnesia, is suddenly  [...]


Jeanne-A Debats


Planet Earth is ecologically depleted, animals are extinct and the air is hardly breathable. The only positive aspect for humanity:  [...]


Laurence Suhner

Le terminateur

In this anthology Laurence Suhner combines several inspirations: space opera, fantastic tale [...]

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