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Camille Brissot

Vagabonds des airs

Vagabonds des airs

Publication date : May 2015

Illustrator : Philippe Jozelon

ISBN13 : 9782841727193

Number of pages : 288
Vagabonds of the skies

A new story with the same retro-futurist setting as Dresseur de fantôme (Ghost Tamer).

The world had been redefined by a series of climatic catastrophes, changing winds and marine currents. Once the old maps had become obsolete, a new day could begin for adventurers…

The future of Tom Werenfeld was completely mapped out: second-in-command to Captain Peck, he would inherit the frigate Odorante and sail the ocean seas… But the night before his eighteenth birthday, a sudden impulse drives him to leave everything to go in search of the mysterious fraternity of the Flesh Sculptors. There had been no trace for years of these surgeons with legendary talents.
Heir to a lineage of circus artists renowned the world over, Ila Malaga had always assumed that she would follow in the footsteps of her tightrope-walking mother. Her accidental death changed Ila's life for ever, transforming the AeroCircus of her childhood into a sad prison. So, when she crosses Tom's path, she immediately decides to go with him and find the Flesh Sculptors, who, they say, knew how to create winged men.

For young adult and adult readers.
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Posté le 31 December 2015 -

Really one of the great qualities of this book is that it succeeds in dropping us into situations, places and surroundings with characters we either get very attached to, or are wary of. We are even ambivalent about some that seem to straddle the good guy/bad guy demarcation line. I really like this ambiguity. And I absolutely love this world. I’m travelling and dreaming in it, with all kinds of different feelings; there are characters that you want to keep track of and also others you would like to know a lot more about.




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