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Pierre Bordage

Les Guerriers du silence

Les Guerriers du silence

Publication date : August 1998

Illustrator : Gess

ISBN10 : 2841720861
ISBN13 : 9782841720866

Number of pages : 576
The Warriors of Silence

The Confederation of Naflin comprises about a hundred worlds, amongst which can be found the sumptuous and elegant Syracusa. However, under the aegis of the reigning family, the mysterious Scaythes of Hyponeros from a distant world, gifted with troubling psychic powers, are masterminding a gigantic plot in which imposing a dictatorship in the Confederation is only part of a wider plan.
Who, then, can stand up against them? The monk-warriors of the Absourate order? Or will they have to rely on an obscure employee in a travel agency, who is drowning his sorrows on the planet Two-Seasons? Because his life is turned upside-down the day a beautiful Syracusan woman who is being trailed, turns up on his doorstep.
This book was awarded the following prizes:
Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 1994
Prix Julia Verlanger 1994
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What the press says about Les Guerriers du silence
Posté le 04 February 2008 -

“In eight years he has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his novels. […] Atalante, a Nantes-based publishing company, accepted The Warriors of Silence. By word of mouth the sales of the novel reached 50,000 copies. ‘The milieu was wondering who this writer was. Added to the fact that he was French, he was also being published by an up-market publishing house.’ Very rapidly the name Pierre Bordage has become a benchmark in the genre because he knows how to enthral his readers.”
Ouest-France, 6/7th May 2000.

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