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Catherine Dufour

Entends la nuit

Entends la nuit

Publication date : October 2018

Illustrator : Aurélien Police

ISBN13 : 9782841728756

Number of pages : 352

Flesh and stone are familiar companions. For thousands of years, flesh has modelled stone, stone has sheltered flesh. Stone has taken on the form of its desires, protects its nights, celebrates its gods, and welcomes its dead. The entire history of mankind is linked to stone.

When you are 25 with a master’s degree in communications, with a dependent mother and an absent father, you don’t think twice about accepting a job when it comes up. Myriam has been appointed to carry out IT monitoring in a company in the Bercy district and she discovers a hierarchical organisation that gets her back up: run-down offices, surveillance software installed on the computers, very superior superiors in the British old school style. But when one of these superiors gets interested in her via the internet, to the extent of getting her a permanent contract and finding her a place to live, she accepts, half-indignant, half-attracted… A bad idea? Not worse than the secret she keeps, linked to the payment of an anti-cancer treatment her mother needed. Myriam has signed up to a dangerous game in all respects, and her relationship with Duncan Algernon Vane Tempest, the Count of Angus, who died a hundred and fifty years ago, is within her capabilities. At least she thinks so.

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