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Olivier Paquet

Les Loups de Prague

Les Loups de Prague

Publication date : September 2018

Illustrator : Raphaël Defossez

ISBN13 : 9782841728749

Number of pages : 384

Les Loups de Prague (The Prague Wolfes)

In a world where States have vanished to the advantage of the cities, Prague, eight years after a military coup, has become a living town, which regenerates and defends itself like a human immune system. But "the Town has claws" and the Guild of Crime, a kind of underground mafia divided into animal clans, each one responsible for a criminal activity, is rife. Vaclav, a journalist and activist in a movement aiming to restore democracy, is forced to serve the Guild who does not want amateurs threatening its control over the Town...

One man's folly is concealed in this mystery. Miroslav Vlk, both prince and monster and chief of the Wolves - the clan of thieves -, finds it impossible to accept his daughter's death.

In this violent and sensual political fable, the reader is beaten and battered by the rhythm of the scenario but, as Philippe Curval wrote in Le Magazine littéraire in May 2003 about Olivier Paquet's previous book, "the reading enjoyment resides initially in the author's skill in deciphering the inexplicable".

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What the press said about LES LOUPS DE PRAGUE
Posté le 04 April 2011 -

So the atmosphere is greater than the characters and is sufficiently compelling in itself. Olivier Paquet knows how to endow Prague with an autonomous existence, making a society spring from a microcosm and a living form from inert matter. His writing is efficient, descriptive when necessary, sometimes even sensual, contemplating themes as profound as liberty, compliance and obedience. It's intelligent, efficient and original. At last !

Sandrine Brugot Maillard, Mes Imaginaires

What is original in this novel is the fact that Olivier Paquet has used Prague as the framework for his story. In doing this he gives his narrative an "exotic" touch, with a really refreshing Eastern bloc European feel to it. Moreover, the town itself is one of the main characters in the novel, or even possibly the main character. Presenting the "Gaïa" project as a kind of immune system on an urban scale, the writer gives Prague a genuine existence where streets are arteries and citizens the cells. In this way we have a city that has its own defences and possessing a real identity.

Fortunately, the presence of the Guild and its clans with a whole raft of characters, each one as charismatic as the next - and not forgetting the intriguing technology - completes the picture. With the addition of a successful plotline and an exotic setting, we end up with an entertaining and satisfying novel. Olivier Paquet is worth keeping an eye on.

Nicolas W., scifi-universe

Les Loups de Prague is this new season's revelation in the French SF world - an imperfect novel that in a paradoxical manner cannot be made more perfect. Of course the emotional harshness may put you off, but nevertheless that is only a slight obstacle. The sentiments are there, beneath the layers of flesh and metal, waiting to catch us unawares. Our guts, our minds and our hearts are thus all the more unsettled, and traces left in our memory.       Mark: 9/10

Stegg, psychovision

The Loups de Prague is one of those novels that are hard to forget. Very well-written, with a particularly well thought out scenario and with characters up to the expectations of the reader, this novel takes you up and leaves you gasping as you turn the last page. [...]
All thanks to Olivier Paquet for giving us this little gem of a book.


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