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  • L'Atalante Poche (La petite Dentelle)

Nathalie C. Henneberg

Le Dieu foudroyé

Le Dieu foudroyé

Publication date : November 2018

Illustrator : Raphaël Defossez

ISBN13 : 9782841728855

Number of pages : 256

Ever more lyrically, in Le Dieu foudroyé Nathalie Henneberg tells of the arduous reconquering of the Earth, a new Dante's Inferno, which takes place a long time after the cliff-hanging victory over Sigma of Arcturus. Airth Reg, the mutant who became a pirate to fight “The Plague”, can no longer bear the idleness of his companions. He has left on his own on a voyage towards the unfathomable... and, battle-worn and weary but with the strength of a newfound love, comes back to become the head of the Reconquering Squadrons.

"I sincerely believe that the destiny of a human being and also that of the cosmos is beyond measure." This oratorio of science fiction is beyond compare, a hallucinating vision of the passions that overwhelm humanity."
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